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Nate went to have his physical for kindergarten done yesterday.

Part of it was getting another vaccine.

Vaccines….that’s a whole kettle of fish. Try to talk to a doctor about the reasons (other than convenience) of piggy backing all these vaccines on top of each other….or the need to vaccinate against sexually transmitted diseases in a really young person….it gets kind of unpleasant to try and “converse” about that.

Most doctors don’t “converse”….they lecture. That’s the beauty of a couple more years of schooling….it gives you the right to lecture the ignorant masses.

(The doctor said that Nate needed one of the vaccines because sometimes young children bite their teacher…..and the teacher might have the disease and when the child draws blood with their powerful bite, they might get infected with the teacher’s illness. Jenny said that sometimes people are bitten by rabid raccoons but that we don’t vaccinate against rabies….why vaccinate to protect the biting children against infected teachers? Kind of nuts.)

Vaccines are a hot topic at the doctor’s office.

Anyway, this isn’t about doctors and vaccines….really.

Nate had to get a shot.

The last time that he got a shot, the nurse gave him the shot and he looked at her and said, “thank you”.

This time, it took three people to hold him down.

I think that the only difference was that this time he knew what was coming.

Running is kind of like that.

Yesterday, I thought it might be hard to start again.

This morning, I knew that it was hard.

That’s the difference….I guess.

I don’t run fast…and I don’t run a long way.

When you don’t run fast, if you run a long way it takes a long time to do it.

I don’t have that much time…..even if I had that much endurance.

This short film is about the first man to run the Western States 100.

The Western States 100 was a horse race…but when Gordy Ainsleigh’s horse couldn’t compete, he decided that he’d enter anyway and just run the race on foot.

Now the race is one of the most famous ultra-running events in the world…..but back then, it was a horse race that a man decided to run without his injured horse.

It’s interesting to see some of these old running movies…..

It was a pretty innocent time.

(That’s what you say when you start getting older….”Why, back in the day, why that’s when things were really good!! So…..innocent….”)

Maybe memory just rubs off the rough edges?

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