cliffy movie poster

We watched this movie….or, I should say, I watched this movie… the other day.

I think that my family watched some of it as they migrated through the room I was in.

I guess the movie may not be for everyone.

If you look it up on IMDB, it says that it was a made for TV movie….and I guess that it looks like it probably was….but I enjoyed it.

It tells the story of Australian Cliff Young, a sheepherder who enters and (spoiler) wins an Australian ultrarunning event.

Because he spent most of his time¬†caring for his family’s sheep, he’d often¬†be up for days at a time, chasing them through the fields in his gumboots.

That’s kind of an exciting description of something that might be kind of boring.

I could have written that better.

cliffy running

Those aren’t sheep.

The sheep don’t look like that in Australia.

The water may spin in the toilet a different direction going down…..but the sheep don’t look like cows in Australia.

Anyway….the dude shuffled along….but shuffled along without stopping….and he won the race….all 544 miles of the race….by 10 hours.

That’s a lot of shuffling.

This was a good movie….and an inspiring story.

I think that it’s on Amazon Prime…..

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