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We watched this movie last night on the TV set.

The TV set? Who says that anymore?

We couldn’t sleep….for small reasons….so Jenny and I and Sparrow were all up….and we found this documentary on the Roku.

If you have a Roku, look for an app called “Docurama”….and you can watch this for free.

It’s a great story about this New Zealand family, the Karena family.

If you do a little further research, like any story there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The relationship with the rest of Peter’s family is maybe a little different than what’s portrayed in the movie.

There is more to this story…but taken on face value, it is one of the more interesting things that I’ve watched for quite a while.

I think that this movie is probably pretty easy to find (it looks like it streams on a bunch of sites….surely one of them is “legit”)….and worth finding.

Check it out on the Roku (and use your TV set). The app is called “Docurama” for the Roku. I think it might be available on other platforms.

It’s a good one.

this way of life

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