in love with your place


I’ve been listening to “Walden” on my drive-a-round lately.


What a great book.

I’d read it before…but must have read it in the “this is an important book…..I should finish this one….I’m supposed to learn from this one…I better pay attention to this one…” mode.

I never really take it all in when I’m trying like that.

This time, I’m just enjoying it.

(I downloaded the audiobook from a site called …..excellent site. Free audiobooks in the public domain….excellent quality readers….great, great, great.)

This book….Walden…is one big love song!

Thoreau’s in love with this pond, Walden.

From what I remember hearing, Walden Pond isn’t really all that impressive.

It wouldn’t make a Reader’s Digest picture book of impressive natural wonders.

It’s not even that remote….people came to visit him all the time.

But, he built a little cabin and stayed there for a couple of years….and wrote this amazing book….a book that’s about a lot more than just this “little pond” that he lived by.

Maybe the love goes bigger than “just a little pond”?

I like to write about things that I wonder about.

I haul myself up to look over the fence….checking out all the grass….and think about what it would be like to be somewhere else.

Never seriously….I like where I am….but to choose to “love where I am”….that’s something that I don’t concentrate on all the time.

I need to start concentrating on what I have right now.

Looking around is just a weird “cop-out”, anyway.

I’m too lazy to make my current place in the world amazing (or notice that it’s already amazing)….so I try to conjure up a situation where things might be better…somewhere “over the rainbow”.


Happiness isn’t necessarily a place or a perceived situation.


Goofy, goofy, goofy.


And, anyway…..Walden Pond looks pretty amazing. It’s beautiful!






But no more beautiful than this:


That’s down the road from two places where we live….two places….but I drive by it all the time so I forget to write my love song when I need to.

That’s a place….and that’s my family in the place. What could be better than that?

Love is such an action-packed activity.

Love is such a choice.

Anyway, maybe it’s not a place that we fall in love with…..maybe it’s a love that we bring with us…and give to the place we find ourselves in?

I’m just drinking coffee.

Before anyone else gets up on a Sunday morning, I’m drinking coffee and thinking about this guy, Thoreau, who built a little cabin and thought about his place by a pond close to town….and about his place in the world.

Man….that’s a really great book.

You should read it if you get the chance.


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