bad memory


We have an old computer that I keep nursing along.

It might be smart to buy a new one at some point, but it’s cheaper to replace a part when needed….or clean it out….blow all the dust out….or, maybe, just reinstall Windows….again.

It crashes, sometimes.

Yesterday, we got the “blue screen of death” and the error code was something about “memory_management”.

“Memory management”.

So….I pulled RAM out and turned the computer back on….and then switched out for different RAM (after turning it back off) until I found some RAM that still worked.

It must have been some bad memory….because when I’d gotten rid of half of the 4 sticks, it started working again.

All of that hassle because of some bad memory.

That’s no surprise that something got a little stressed, though.

Our youngest daughter turns the computer off with her little toe pretty often, when she’s sitting on our laps while we’re working/screwing around on the PC.

That can’t be good for anything that runs on electricity….to turn it off suddenly like that.

(“PC”? Does anyone call it that anymore? It’s our “personal computer”…but…does anybody call it that anymore?)

Computers are easy.

I can’t get rid of memory like a computer can.

I can’t just pull it out and store it in a drawer.

(Why I want to save computer memory that’s bad is a good question for later…..)

All that computer memory knows is what I feed it, anyway.

It’s not like real memory… memory that’s inside my head.

It’s not like that.

It stores what I need….in the background….until I fill it with something to take its place.

Until I crowd the old memory out, it’s inside somewhere….

Whether I use it or not, it’s inside.

I have memories that I’m working on crowding out….inside my head.

I’m not talking about my computer now….I switched tracks, sort of.

I have a sponge up there that could use an occasional squeezing.

There’s no reason to haul around some of the stuff that I carry in my head.

I’m no computer….but sometimes my “memory_management” could use some work, too.

My memory could use some attention.

But….the more attention I pay to it, the more I remember.

I can’t run from a memory….or, really, run to a memory.

What a conundrum.

Maybe it’s better to try to just fill it up with good new memory?

Maybe I should just drink some more coffee?



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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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