I don’t know how we ever got to the point where we considered ourselves at the top of the food chain.

We went to the Asian buffet the other night, and from the wide variety of food that I ate, I’d have to conclude that I must be at the top of the food chain, though.

How else could I explain all the different animals and vegetables that I was eating?

How do you explain that?

Sparrow woke us up pretty early and one of the things that Jenny and I were talking about was the food chain.

I said that it was weird that we were always surprised that something could eat us.

Jenny said that it must come as quite a surprise when something was eating us.

The outrage would be kind of short lived, though.

“THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!” we’d scream….as we went down some foreign gullet.

We’d probably scream it before we went down the gullet, actually.

Maybe that’s the beauty of always working on our thought process….we can tell ourselves things that make us feel better about our place in the world.

That’s what it takes to feel good about things, sometimes…telling ourselves that we’re the ones in control….telling ourselves that we’re the ones with all the power.

This is a pretty insanely wild video.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this without a whole lot of experience.

He should put some kind of disclaimer on the video.

Sometimes “thinking you’re in control” doesn’t really mean much when the hard facts are swatting you with massive clawed paws.

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