puppy in the laundry room, Nate on the couch


The puppy is out in the laundry room, crying.

Nate’s on the couch, hot as a griddle and throwing up.

Crazy morning.

We went and got the puppy last night, gave him a bath in a tin tub out in the yard, and after a couple of changes of water, he was pretty intensely fluffy.

Now, he’s downstairs crying.


We discovered that he was a good climber when my daughter woke up in the middle of the night and had to go get him out in the front yard.

He’d climbed up on the garbage can and jumped out the window.

Shapes of things to come.

He eats like a pig, too….grunts.

The dog can chow down.


Last day of kindergarten for Nate….big ice cream social.

It was supposed to be a “fun day”, but I think that he’s too sick to make it.

I think that Jenny was up most of the night with Nate and probably with the puppy, too….so I’ll bet that she’s pretty exhausted.

I hope things settle down before the long weekend kicks in…but it’s good to have a weekend to regroup.

That little (for a moment) puppy is pretty darn cute, though.

I hope Nate feels better soon.


Thinking about this song driving around yesterday. It’s funny the stuff that sticks in your head. I had this album when I was probably 15 or 16…..and remember feeling pretty high-tech when I transferred it to 8-track at a neighbor’s house.

Good stuff.

“Ambrosia” Carole King…..from the “Thoroughbred” album… circa 1976

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