Fred Beckey….Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey

This looks kind of familiar.

I looked up “dirtbag” on YouTube, and this is one of the videos I got….an extended trailer for a movie that’s being crowdfunded about the life of climber and “dirtbag”, Fred Beckey.

I guess that the description of dirtbag is that it’s a person who chooses to live on the fringes of society so they can pursue an obsession….to the exclusion….usually…. of “normal” employment or relationships.

When you work at camps for years of summers, you get a chance to hang out with a few “dirtbags” (if you’re lucky).

So….this really looks kind of familiar.

I don’t know if I could target an obsession long enough to be a real dirtbag.

I could probably get into the sleeping in driveways and not having a real job part of the equation.…maybe….but I don’t think I have enough focus to obsess on one thing for a lifetime.

I know that I could get into the roadtrip part of being a “dirtbag”.

That’s easy to get into that…

Fred Beckey’s an interesting character…..

Support the Kickstarter campaign at the Kickstarter site….

Here’s one of the promo pictures from the film..



Freedom from convention…..”finesse the conflicting demands of wild nature for a certain freedom from convention”.


Here’s another video….one that’s not connected to this film. It was produced by the Patagonia company….


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