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This is the story of a railroad, a robbery, and a train crash….the building of a guitar….and, a song by an artist that I have always enjoyed, L.J. Booth.

Does it get any better than that?

We had a rare (like, once a year or so…) “date night” last night….a night without the little ones where we could do “adult” things like go out to eat at a grownup restaurant and walk around downtown Asheville for a while.

That was kind of refreshing.

Maybe once a year is enough?


No….it’s not enough.

But….if we got a bunch of them, we’d probably be upset if they didn’t come like clockwork and we couldn’t exercise our God give right to be individuals for a moment and not just “parents’.

Who am I kidding, though? We missed the little guys….and we miss the big guys who helped us have a night on the town, too…..all the time.

So, it’s kind of like me posting all these videos of guys living in their vans or riding their bikes all over the world or traveling by donkey to an exotic place or…..

I have wanderlust that’s fueled by the responsibilities of staying in one place and holding down the fort….but I do love coming home to a house full of activity and all the people I care so much about.

Not getting to wander makes me want to wander….but I don’t want to live in a van all by myself (no matter how beautiful my parking space “down by the river” is).

Anyway….I ramble.

We got a new used keyboard and the sticking keys and weird browser popups that we experience when we were using the old keyboard have seemed to stop for the moment.

Did the juice spilled into the old one, and the sticky keys that followed, lead to all the “computer problems” we were having?

Nice to upgrade the old computer with a two dollar thrift store keyboard replacement.

Asheville is a weird place.

We ate at a place that was right on the square downtown….and were “entertained” watching the street people twirl around and yell at the sky and at each other while we ate our meal.

Is that what “al fresco” means? That you can watch the deranged hoboes scream at each other while you put more spicy sauce on your Pad Thai?

There is so much more life….messy life….crazy life…up in Asheville than in our little town to the South….but some of it is life that I’d like to avoid if I can.

I’m glad we don’t live up there still

Crazy is entertaining if you can bail when it’s time to put the little guys to bed.

It’s good to get away from “bad crazy” when you feel like it.

Man, though….a date night sure is fun.

I could get used to that if someone would let me.

I’ll bet that Jenny could get used to it, too.


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  1. Have been so busy trying to 1/ scrape up work 2/ battle the guilt of no new projects to sweat over & 3/ faff about doing house stuff in the mean time that doesn’t actually bring in the ££, so sorry no recent comments.
    Always read your posts, don’t always have time to watch the vids, but relate totally to your wanderlust v’s reality musings! Every plane trail I spot sends a spasm of yearning through me; today a pile of them followed a jet stream & sent me a bit stir crazy…
    However I learnt something about risk the hard way a year ago, that risks are sometimes…v.v.risky!
    It set us back about 4 years financially, & though it’s resolved now, I just craved security & equilibrium for a while, and boring nights at home with family. That’s when you realise how lucky you are to have that at all! In our thirties we travelled & did the wild stuff, now just the intro to a song or a rare evening in the city, like yours, keeps me vaguely hopeful the world is still mine.
    Now I’m off for a little Steely Dan retrospective, stop laughing…

    • I have a new friend at work who comes in and does “clerk” stuff in the morning (postal clerk)….gets our mail ready for us to case and take out on the route, etc. The first morning he was there, I came in to the the sounds of the boombox blasting and a lot of the stuff he was playing was Steely Dan. Turns out, he’s a drummer who was listening to tunes that his trio was learning. Nice to hear the music….made me feel alive. The Post Office is not always the most “life affirming” or artistic place to work, so it felt great to hear the music. So….”Steely Dan retrospective”? Good for you!
      Thanks for reading the blog.
      Jenny has the wanderlust as much as me, I suppose….and gets anxious when I’m in my nervous, “hunkered down” mode and don’t want to journey. If you have a job that pays the bills consistently, you don’t have the time to travel like we’d like. (Also….what do you do with a hundred pound puppy while you’re gone? That’s a problem we need to solve….) That was a good description of how a night out helps us feel….”vaguely hopeful the world is still mine”. Thanks for that!
      I write the blog….but I don’t always watch all the videos, either. Maybe I put them on there so that I can come back to them later? Jenny tells me I better watch them all the way through….in case something really bad or obnoxious happens half an hour in. It would be a shame if some cyclist ate some monkey brains in a jungle hut deep into one of those Youtube films and I never knew about it.
      Thanks for the comment….