being here….

Here’s another nice video….a short one this time.

It’s called “Being Here”….produced by Outdoor Research.

(A disclaimer: I don’t always have time to watch all the videos that I post on here. Who has time to watch an hour-long video of some guy rebuilding his Jeep engine? Maybe me if I need to rebuild my Jeep, but not a normal person. Nobody normal would watch that! Nobody….normal….would.)

I watch this and think about wanting my family….and, because of the video content, my wife and daughters, to be able to feel comfortable out in the world.

Comfortable….and, because the world is the way it is, and, because it’s not always “safe” to even just live….even if there’s nothing to harm us, really….brave at the same time.

(I want to feel BRAVE, too….)

I want their world to feel BIG!

I want us….whether we’re male or female…to feel all the potential of a big world.

What does the person who made this video say early in the film?

Something about “feeling trapped….over domesticated…..soul hungry…parched….like I might wither away”….and how getting out into the world frees her from those feelings.

I made our world small because it was hard to get out and experience it sometimes.

That was pretty crummy.

We need an adventure.

We need more of an adventure than going to Costco and hitting all the thrift stores we see.

It’s still a big world.

I need to teach Nate to ride his bike.

That’s a start.



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