a good party….Tahoe Adventure Film Festival

This looks like a good party…..

Check out Fred Beckey….with the ladies….in his eighties…..in a tux.

Pretty crazy life.

They had an adventure film festival in Asheville earlier this month that was called….I think….the 5Point Adventure Film Festival….but….I didn’t go.

We don’t do stuff like that.

That would be so boring for the little guys.

I’m pretty shocked, though, when I go up to Asheville how much it feels like the city has changed.

More traffic….more people.

It’s not quite as mellow and slow-paced as I remember it being.

I think that it feels pretty self-conscious about its “cool factor”, too.

That’s OK.

It’s OK because it really is still a pretty cool place….and, because I can leave to go home anytime I want.

It’s funny how a place where you used to live can become a “nice place to visit” so quickly.

(Hah! “Quickly”? Like 20 years or so “quickly”? That’s funny. Time is passing…..)

Look at Fred in that tux!

Oh, man! Jenny taught Nate to ride a bike! He was riding up and down the driveway when I got home from the mail route! Talk about an adventure!

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