having a camera…

Nate went to the park with Jenny last night and learned how to turn and start out on his own and (sometimes)….stop.

That’s on a bike, of course.

Jenny taught him how to ride a bike!

Nate told her that now he could ride his own bike on our bike riding trips now.

When Jenny told him that he really wasn’t ready for that, he replied that he needed to start riding his own bike because “Dad makes me do all the work when I ride the tagalong behind him”.

That’s what I get for making him push me for a bit….now he’s convinced that he was the ant pushing the elephant, even though I only made him do that once…..or twice.

That’s when a joke goes too far…when your child is anxious for independence so that they can get away from your “bad behavior”.

Oh, well….I think that it’s pretty darn cool that he knows how to ride a bike now.

Sparrow was talking to Jenny about how good they both smell yesterday, and when Jenny asked if Daddy smelled good, Sparrow told her that I smelled like “sweaty hats”.

Sweaty hats?!

I guess that I do probably smell like sweaty hats.


I need to pamper myself more….use something more fragrant than Lava soap (on my hands….I’m not tough enough to use it in the shower….or that dirty that I need to use Lava soap all over….) so that I don’t smell like sweaty hats all the time.

Sweaty hats?! That’s pretty funny.

(Aren’t bikes cool?)

And….what did we do before GoPro? I remember a canoeing video I saw back in the early 80’s where the guy took a camera and filmed himself paddling out in the “wild”. I thought that was pretty amazing “back in the day”. It was nothing like all these guys are doing now, though. We can record everything. I should get a camera and record a day on the mail route…..but….they’d probably fire me. I don’t think that you’re allowed to film a “day on the mail route”.


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