buffalo rider…film from1977

Here’s a movie called Buffalo Rider that came out in 1977. It was produced by Starfire Films….and features a guy who learned to ride a buffalo!

Of course, it’s a buffalo-centric movie, so it features a bunch of white dudes killing a lot of buffalo, too.

I didn’t watch the whole film….so hopefully it doesn’t also have a bunch of Mountain Men eating monkey brains in the middle of the movie.

That would stink.

I’d feel bad about a movie that showed people eating monkey brains.

(I feel bad enough about a movie where the dudes are killing a bunch of buffalo…..)

I did watch the first part, though, where it showed a dude gunning down the buffalo so that the skinners could come behind him and skin out the huge animal.

They left the carcasses on the prairie to rot.

All they wanted were the hides.

No wonder the Indians didn’t think much of us.

What a bunch of weirdos…..white weirdos.

I guess that I feel as bad about a bunch of dudes killing all these buffalo as I would if they were eating monkey brains.

I guess that monkey brain eating might be worse than killing buffalo.

It’s weirder, for sure.

We don’t have a bunch of monkeys in North America, so there’s not many stories about problems with them.

Enough about these monkeys.

The main character in this movie is a guy who trained a buffalo to be ridden.


Like a horse.

What a crazy sight that would have been.

If a dude rode up to an Indian tribe out on the prairie on the back of a buffalo, I think that it would have been a real paradigm shifter for all those Indians.

Maybe not.

I don’t really know.

That was quite a while before “paradigms” were invented….so maybe it wouldn’t shift anything for the Indians.

I bet they’d move their feather to the side and scratch their heads a little, though.

That would have been quite a sight out on the prairie.

Buffalo Rider?

Who knew that was possible?

This movie is sort of true, but not in this form.

They gussied it up for a mass audience.

You never would have heard of this movie if they’d told the real truth.

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