something you love…Alive in Alaska

“Something you love” is part of a quote from this movie….Alive in Alaska with Alex Strohl.

He talks about how sometimes, even though the goal in life should be to find something you love to do, finding that thing can become a trap, because then it’s all you think about.

Only thinking about doing what you love would be a good trap, I think.

I thought about doing the things that I love after I watched the first couple of minutes of this, and realized that, even though some of the things on my periphery might not be exactly “what I love”….what I really love is being with my family.

It’s not just a habit or circumstance…it’s what I really love.

That’s good to figure out.

Midway through the movie we get a chance to see Alex and Mathieu’s own families.

Just in time! More affirmation that it’s possible to live a life of high adventure and have everybody involved.

He travels with his family!

That would be a good thing.

Of course, it looked like, for the most part, that the dudes were off having big adventures while the wives were back at the campfire with the kids.

That’s OK….I’M A DUDE!! I can have big adventures and come back and tell Jenny about them and eat the hot dog she made for me while I was gone!!

(Just kidding, Jenny….that wasn’t a very appealing scenario. We need to figure out how to all have adventures. I won’t get you stuck on the beach…)

Thinking about the big world and the adventures “out there” is something that really gets me down sometimes….being on someone else’s schedule and not having the freedom to travel when we want to or when we’re able.

It’s only when I’m comparing what I think I’m able to do to what I’m actually doing that I get disappointed.

It’s only when I don’t actively work towards making something better that I get discouraged.

But….that’s life.

If you’re going to work for someone else, you’re going to have to learn to live a life of compromises.

It’s nice to get the money.

Anyway, I digress.

You can’t live your own way all the time, and knowing that should save you from creating your own ever-present tornado of disappointment.

You can’t live your own way all the time, or…can you?

How does it happen that some of these guys seem to be able to figure out a way to live a life of high adventure and make a living while they’re doing it?

A campfire on a beach in Alaska looks like a good thing.

Living a creative life looks like a good thing.

But….taking care of your family is a good thing, too.

Figuring out “something you love” gets you through a lot.

You can push through a lot of things when your main motivation is doing it for “what you love”.

There’s a lot of ways to “get the job done”, too.

I need to figure out something interesting that generates giant piles of Scrooge McDuck cash.

Mathieu Le Lay was the producer of Alive in Alaska with Alex Strohl .

You can see more of his work on Vimeo.

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