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Jenny was talking about some confusion over a letter that was returned to Sparrow’s preschool the other day.

The letter was for an elderly member of the congregation….but it got sent back to the preschool because it couldn’t be delivered.

The delivery person had handwritten what looked like “WTF” on the envelope….and the people talking about the returned letter were pretty shocked by what they saw.

“That’s for one of elderly shut-ins. She’ll be confused by what was written on this letter. I wonder who would do that?”

Jenny saw what was written on the letter and set them straight.

“Peter told me that it said “UTF”….not “WTF”.  He had some confusion in his office about that….”

I write some of my endorsements quickly….so  a co-worker had mentioned that she always wondered why I always wrote “WTF” on the letters that couldn’t be delivered.


Sometimes, though, I do wonder if “WTF?” isn’t more appropriate that a simple and Illegible “UTF”.

Makes sense to me.

I have a lot of those “WTF” moments working for the USPS.

Those aren’t any stranger to my experience delivering the mail.

But….it’s “UTF” that I’m trying to convey when I’m scribbling an endorsement on your mail.

Unable to Forward….not What the F……?


There’s no reason to pour salt on an already dissatisfying situation.

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