the secret to getting somewhere….is going somewhere

Here’s a short film from Dylan Magastar about a retired couple who travel all the time.

They live on a boat….and keep a VW on land to travel in when they aren’t sailing.

I fixed the power steering on the Jeep yesterday….and then found out that I probably need….no, correct that, Peter….definitely need a new engine.

280,000 hard mail miles and you end up needing a new engine.

Who could figure that out?

It still runs OK….there’s just an ominous metal sound that is a bad metal sound now…..but….the steering works great.

I can steer anywhere I want to go and listen to the bad sounds coming from the engine.

The thing about 280,000 mail miles is that you spent it all driving in circles….the same circle….everyday.

Let’s see how far it is around the world……

I’m back….it was 24,901 miles.

24,901 miles?

What the F…..udge?!!

I’ve carted mail the equivalent of going around the earth over 10 times and all I saw was a bunch of dogs and crappy porches?

Sometimes, even, crapped on porches.

So….what better motivation than realizing that to make me appreciate a new engine to keep the wheels turning?


This is motivating to see what these people do in their boat….living cheap down in Mexico.

Thanks, Dylan.

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