I’m tired of the “tiny house movement”….until

I’m tired of the “tiny house” movement.

Lots of hipsters.

That is….until I see something like this.

I like this couple.

And….check out the tiered garden at the rear of the property!

This is about a family’s journey… and the benefits and hardships of working towards getting out of debt and building a life together.

It’s realistic….and good.

This is why I got interested in tiny houses in the first place….because of people doing it like this….not because of trend following hipsters.

This is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen.

Listen to her awareness of “privilege” and how they were fortunate to be able to do this.

Not many of the people I see on YouTube talking about “tiny houses” are so realistic and forthcoming.

Video from Exploring Alternatives . It’s a good channel….click on the channel name to get there!

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