Jenny Arrived.

The famed Naked Cowboy plays in front of Mel Chin's Wake in Times Square. Image courtesy Ben Davis.

Here’s the famous “Naked Cowboy” in front of the Mel Chin designed Jenny Lind statue in Times Square.

My daughter had the option of working on a bunch of quad copters….or helping design and engineer this giant sculpture….and then travel to New York City to erect and troubleshoot this piece of art….as her senior project in the Mechatronics Engineering program at UNCA.

I think that she made the right choice!

Quad copters are kind of cool….I guess….but this sculpture is a better kind of cool.

(The photo is by Ben Davis)

Here’s a great article about the project:


Jenny flew up this morning….missed her original flight because she was held up in security….but got there a bunch of hours later when the ticket agent took mercy on her and booked her on a later flight.

Subways and city buses can be kind of imposing…even if you have some experience with them….but Jenny navigated and was in the Barrio with Zoe when she called me at home.

Read that article!

This project is pretty impressive!

And….you might get to see a guy playing guitar in his underwear if you make it up to the Big Apple to see Jenny Lind!


(Actually, Jenny could see a guy playing guitar in his underwear at our house in NC.  She doesn’t need to go anywhere to see that…..)

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