Roberta Price-Across the Great Divide

About mid-way through this video, Roberta Price tells the story of a communal get-together that Ken Kesey was at.

She mentions that Further, the famous and wildly painted bus that Ken Kesey and company used on to get around in on the “acid trips” …..ummmmm…..trips….was there and that everybody wanted to have their picture taken with such a famous “artifact”.

This communal get-together was at the end of the 60’s….so it was only a couple of years after all of Kesey’s bus related hi-jinks.

Only a couple of years later, and the folks were already nostalgic for something that had happened a little while before.

Even in their “own time”….nostalgia makes them corral iconic memories into a counterculture theme park….hop on the bus for a picture with “history”!

That’s funny.

I love the energy of the communes….but I don’t know how I feel about it all now that I’m older and have a family.

You have to be blindingly idealistic and pretty selfish to do some of the things these folks did.

When I read Kerouac now, I think that he was a pretty selfish alcoholic douchebag.

Some of these “heroes” weren’t very heroic.

But, if I was unemployed and had a bunch of time, I’d be building weird structures with trash, too.


Probably not.


My used to be is a malleable thing…..inside my head.

It has a lot of potential in the “why, I might have done this or I might have done that” department.

Who knows what I “might have done”?


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