Jonna Jinton and The Sound of Sweden….now, that’s a job!

Now, that’s what I call a job!

Imagine getting a letter where someone asks you to take a recorder around and collect all the sounds that represent your world!

What would I record?

Unhappy co-workers whining about their jobs?

Machines breaking down?

Or….maybe….peaceful bird sounds….a big dog barking in what used to be the garden…wind in the high trees?

I’m not really sure what I’d record.

Jonna Jinton lives in Sweden.

Maybe I should write Sweden and tell them that I could walk around in my most atmospheric outfit and record sounds in the mountains of North Carolina?

Maybe that would be exotic to a person living in a Nordic land?

Maybe they’d pay me to do that?

Here’s another video about this lady.

She just left the city and moved to the country….and figured out a way to make a living by celebrating life and all the beauty it contains.

Sounds good to me…

Here’s her blog…..

I couldn’t understand a word of it.

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