What You Do With What You Have….

Here’s another Kirsten Dirksen video….this time about something a little closer to home.

I watched this and thought, “Well! Of course she was able to do something interesting with her life! Look what opportunity she must have grown up with….to be able to play in the river that runs in front of that fine house! Of course she would have done something good with chances like that!”

That was a weird thought.

Says more about me and my insecurities than it does about anything she’s up to.

And, you know? There are lots of privileged and uncreative people in the world who, in spite of all the chances they’re given, never really do anything of value.

Opportunity only has value if you do something with it.

What a great thing to find a calling and produce videos about people who are building and living in exciting ways!

Sometimes people have because of good luck.

Sometimes they “have” because of competence and consistent habit….and a good helping of genuine curiosity in the world they move through.

This is a good looking log house.

I’m glad that she and her family get to spend time there.

It looks like it could be part of a good life.

Good for you.


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