back to the earth and the creativity….Jonna Jinton

Here’s a new video from a Swedish lady named Jonna Jinton.


She started talking about the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall and I thought of Joni Mitchell for some reason….”It’s coming on Christmas….they’re cutting down trees…”


I wish I had a river I could skate away on.


I almost filed a grievance with the Post Office yesterday…but the union rep told me that I didn’t have a case that would pass muster.

That’s disappointing…

What does a grievance have to do with picking berries in a beautiful place, though?

My job is a tool….something I do to generate some money to keep us afloat.

Everybody’s in the same boat, too.

Thoreau’s thought about “quiet desperation” hits the mark in a hard way.

Freaking Post Office….

You have to police your life and steer clear of distraction to live a life like this…

I didn’t see a giant screen TV in their Swedish home.

Maybe that’s in the “man cave”?

I need to mix up some dirt paint and get over it all…



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