Free Jeep….Little Things Kill Them…

When I go to the junkyard, I occasionally see vehicles that don’t seem to be all that bad.

Most of the time, they’re wrecked.

You can see why they’re totaled….crinkled and destroyed.

Sometimes, you wonder what happened, though.

Here’re some dudes working on a Jeep that was given to them because it didn’t run anymore.

Turns out, it was just the fuel pump that led to its abandonment.

In their case, it was a relatively easy and cheap fix.

On this year Jeep, you don’t have to drop the fuel tank to change the pump.


Anyway….this is all just a long-winded preamble.

What I’m really wondering is…how many vehicles are abandoned because of something small and easy to fix?

Probably a lot.

We give up too easily.

People and cars….we give up too easily.

Here’s the video of the drive home after changing some fluids…

Free Jeeps!

I’d take one.


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