Making Vincent Smile…

Image result for vincent van gogh self portrait

We went to a Vincent Van Gogh exhibit down in Columbia, SC today.

I get the impression that Vincent wasn’t a real party animal.

He seemed kind of “intense” or something.


My fantasy while I stared at this painting was sitting down with him to share a couple of glasses of absinthe and making him laugh his pants off.

The pants coming off weren’t part of the fantasy.

That’s just a figure of speech.

The fantasy part was making him laugh.

Or, at least, smile.

I guess it’s kind of like Hitler.

What if somebody told him early on that his art was GREAT?!

He might have been nicer to folks.

Anyway….Vincent wouldn’t have been who he was if things had been easier for him.

Who creates great art if they don’t get tortured….at least a little?

That would have been cool to make him smile.

Even the most tortured of souls should laugh every once in a while.

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