down to the ground

If I see a man running through the snow with a fully-grown wolverine, I trust what he has to say.

I’m just like that, for some reason.

It’s one of my “rules for life”….”trust the man with the wolverine”.

It’s a rule that hasn’t failed me yet.

Here’s a movie that Jenny and I watched the other day about “grounding“.

Grounding is making a reconnection with the energy fields found in the….ground….in the EARTH.

It’s as simple as taking off your shoes and walking around outside!

Of course, in the movie, the guy buries himself in the dirt…but that would just be a bonus.

You don’t have to completely submerge yourself in the EARTH to get the benefits.

Apparently, grounding calms you down and makes you feel better.

That must be why working in a garden is so satisfying?

The movie was filmed in Alaska.

(Bonus! I like Alaska!)

It’s worth watching just to see some of Alaska…even if you don’t want to take off your shoes and walk around in the dirt.

Now that I think about it, though, Alaska doesn’t look all that different than Idaho.


Isn’t it strange that we’re so “connected” through our social media and the internet…but so disconnected from the natural world?

Strange that we’re so disconnected that walking around barefoot could become a trend?


The movie was made by a guy named Steve Kroschel…he’s made a bunch of nature films over the years.

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