Something Amazing (every day)

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Who can figure out how to find something amazing in their life….every day?

That’s tough.

No one can do that.

It’s impossible.

So, that being said, I think I’ll continue my trend of “not looking” and just settle back into accepting that not much happens in the world that’s very interesting.


I’m kidding.

There’s plenty of amazing things that happen….amazing places…amazing people.

Lots of amazing things.

I’m not always good at finding them all….but I could be the best at looking for them.

Maybe I could be the very best at trying to be amazed by the people and things around me?

That would be a good skill to develop and sustain.

And…maybe I need to find the amazement in the common and under-appreciated? Be graciously full of gratitude every day? Be the guy who says “Man….that’s nice!” instead of the guy who wonders “I wonder why they did that?”.

I don’t know if an amazing thing will happen today.

Maybe it will.

That would be cool.

I might notice it…if I pay attention.

She Sneezed Me…

Watch: A Slow-Motion Sneeze Looks A Lot Like Breathing Fire : Shots -  Health News : NPR

On Monday of the second officially notified week of the beginning of the PANDEMIC®, one of my customers sneezed me full in the face.

I handed her the package she’d ordered from Amazon, and, when her hands were full of mail and she couldn’t cover her mouth, she thanked me for my efforts by ejecting one of the moistest sneezes I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing….full on….in my face.


Sneeze juice all over me.


I wiped my face off and said “see you later” and drove on.

What else could I do?

This was when any contact with another person could be a killer.

This was before we were used to the slow and steady undercurrent of dread we are accustomed to now.

This was before we’d licked coronavirus.

“Licked” is the wrong word, probably.

Getting sneezed on in a PANDEMIC® is spooky.

And then there was this Trump thing.

That’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax.

That would have been entertaining if it wasn’t so crazy and dangerous.

So….I had the PANDEMIC® to worry about….and I had to worry about talking about politics with people who were sure that the PANDEMIC® was a hoax designed to take down their CHOSEN ONE.

(Some parts of politics are freaking weird.)

That’s a lot of worries.

Then….I could worry about money…but…that had nothing to do with the PANDEMIC®.

(Well, it sort of did….but the Post Office made/let us all work through the darkest days of the Covid 19 thing, so the money part of it all never changed. We’d have the money….we just wondered if we’d live to spend it…)

I’m not supposed to talk about politics, anyway.

I’m supposed to keep my mouth shut and nod…just listen to the theories and alternate truth…let it all wash over me and then offer them a piece of chocolate from the Gump box.

Oh! I almost forgot! This past Monday, I got a double hernia at work!

(That’s true….but it sure is a good segue away from a dangerous zone…the POLITICS ZONE™.)

The doctor said I wasn’t supposed to lift anything heavier than 20 lbs.

How is that going to work?

I’ve got to roll that big rock up the hill and let it fall back down on me…over and over… before I finish.

Day after day, I have to roll that rock.

That burden is a lot heavier than 20 lbs.

What am I going to do?

The doctor said I need surgery.

I’ll get the surgery and keep on rolling the stone.

That’s what I’ll do.

Did I mention that lady sneezed me?

I Love Where I Am…

I love where I am.

That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t mind being somewhere else.

I’d like to be in Idaho.

There’s no reason I couldn’t be in Idaho.

But…I love where I am.

I have no reason to believe that I couldn’t say that if I was somewhere different.

I could love “where I am”…even if I was somewhere other than “where I am”.

I see a bunch of deer running through the woods when I round a mountain corner out on the mail route…and realize that they don’t have a clue about Covid or strange pandemics.

They don’t know about painful things to worry about.

They don’t worry about “the end”…until the end comes.

They just run.

I need to start running again.

It soothes my soul.

It frees my mind.

Running is good.

If I could foster any skill…if I could sustain any ability…it would be to continue to be able to “love where I am”.

That’s not situational….it’s potentially innate.

All this “covid stuff” is insane.

I listen to the news all day when I’m not listening to reggae music…and it’s mostly bad news.

It’s the “news du jour”…it’s the story of the year…it’s survival.

It’s survival…and it’s depressing…and it’s something that someday will pass.

I love where I am.



Photo by By Eric Rolph at English Wikipedia – English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 2.5,

the part unseen

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I can’t see a germ.

I can’t see inside a person’s soul.

Even with my expensive trifocal lenses, that’s something I can’t do.

I can’t see these things.

I am wary of the things I think might be there….somewhere inside…the things that might hurt me.

I watch and wonder when the hammer is going to fall.

I wait for the germ or an unexpected cruelty to take me down.


I’m just fooling around.

I don’t have such a negative world view.

People are usually good…usually nice.

I like people.

But…this Covid-19 stuff is pretty crazy.

Homemade protection is what we need.

Jenny went to the store yesterday and told me that she’d seen a bunch of old people walking around in Playtex gloves and red bandanas….probably a raincoat or two….other weirdnesses…homemade hazmat suits.

That’s the best we can do…homemade protection.

Voodoo magic to keep the bad juju away.

I deliver mail but don’t want to touch or be touched by any of the people I see out in the world.

I don’t want to catch a germ.

If we don’t separate with our normal habits…our cellphones and distractions…well…this germ is going to finish the job and really keep us all apart.

I am afraid of the things that I cannot see.

I am afraid of my expectations.

going down the whirlpool (pursuing joy)


That’s a funny word…when you think about it.

What do we have to “transcend”?

All of this world?


But…some…a lot…most…of this world is a beautiful gift…to be trusted and appreciated and approved of.

I want to learn to pursue joy like I’m going down the whirlpool…going down to something good and true and constant.

I need to pursue joy like I have one breath left to do it….

I need to always be able to look into another person’s face and see God in their eyes…

We are here to love and to embrace…to welcome and comfort…not to endure or to fear the things around us.

If we really call ourselves “believers”…what do we have to fear?

There isn’t a wall high enough to protect us from our own fear and inability to understand our neighbor….


What a great responsibility…to understand the need to pursue the best option that God gave us!

Pursue it.

And…maybe…someday….I’ll completely welcome Him.

“My whole heart”….?

That’s hard.

Little Wing…Emily Elbert!

This is a great and mellow version of one of my favorite Hendrix songs…this time done by Emily Elbert and some talented guitarist friends.

Good, good stuff…sensitive.

Reminds me what a great songwriter Jimi Hendrix was…in addition to being a guitar great.

Here’s another one from Emily…this time featuring some of her guitar work.

Grand Funk! Shea Stadium! 1971! (Sold More Tickets Than the Beatles!)

The three-piece band from Michigan…playing live in front of a stadium fuller than when the Beatles played there in 1965.


Three-piece band.


Man, they were a great band.

I thought that I didn’t really listen to Grand Funk all that much…until I remembered all the hits they had when I was growing up…”American Band”….”The Loco-Motion”….this song, “I’m Your Captain”…”Some Kind of Wonderful”….”Bad Time”….and probably a number of others that I can’t remember….

There were a bunch of songs that I heard all the time….so…I did listen to Grand Funk.

It’s easy to forget a band when they’ve been gone for a while….but…especially in this age of autotune and elaborate stage sets and pre-recorded tracks and all the other distractions that pass for “music”…a three-piece band that can do this is impressive.

These guys at the concert look like they were having fun, too.

That was a fun time to be getting into music, for sure….

I’m Not A Hoarder

I’m not a hoarder.

I’m an “assembler of useful things”.

That’s what a hoarder would say.

Of course, most of the stuff that I accumulate is useful.



But…any “stuff” is a pain in the rear if it fills up your life.

When you trip over “useful”…that’s not good.

I woke up the other day feeling like I wouldn’t have the energy to fix the problems I either created or accepted.

This morning I’m feeling like I’ll do it….


When you’re underwater, the only place to go is back up to the sunshine.

Nothing hard about that decision.

Just start swimming.

I do know how to swim….

And…look at all the cool stuff in this guy’s yard and house!

This lady’s lucky!