Peter Learns a Whole Song

I’ve never been one of those “play a John Denver song around the campfire kind of guys”.

Not that I wouldn’t want to do that if I could remember a whole song.

I just can’t remember a whole song.

People ask me to play a whole song sometimes, though.

I think that I’m going to learn a really good acoustic cover of this song.

I wonder if anybody would ask me to play a song around the campfire if I learned this song all the way through?

I’ve got the “ayeyiyiyihhhhhhhhhh” part down already.

It would be cool to know a whole song all the way through.

This might make for a good singalong, too.

….”it can’t compete with this PILLOW TALK OF MINE!!”

Jonatha Brookes and Charlie Hunter/ Sanborn Sessions

When I worked at the radio station in Asheville I got a chance to see Jonatha Brookes while she was still playing with “The Story”.

Good stuff.

There are so many musicians with so much talent and so much to offer who aren’t “mainstream”.

Makes you wonder about the real value of what we consider “mainstream”….

David Sanborn is featuring some great artists in this showcase series.

I Live In A Potato…


I don’t really live in a potato.

That’s just “click-bait”.

Wouldn’t it be weird to live in a potato, though?

My dad used to say that if you could insulate a house with a baked potato you could stay pretty warm.

I guess that’s true…

This lady is out in Idaho…and it looks like this might be a cool Airbnb that she built.

A potato Airbnb.

I don’t know if I would want a cow for a pet.

We have a big dog.

That’s enough.

This is another great Kirsten Dirksen video.

Kristie Wolfe is the lady who lives in a potato.

The potato is in Boise.

“Tows Wiv Hny and Budr…Plls…”

Our youngest daughter must be feeling better after having a bad earache a couple of days ago.

She’s also learning to spell.

Feeling better and learning to spell are a good thing to have going on in your life.

This was the note that she left for Jenny this morning.

Her breakfast order?

Why, “Tows Wiv Hny and Budr…Plls…”

Good to see her feeling better.

“A Man Walks Into a Bar…” The Main Squeeze at Redrocks…playing a cover of War Pigs…

So…a man walks into a bar and the band is playing a cover of Black Sabbath’s “WarPigs”…and it sounds like this.

That’s no joke.

The Main Squeeze isn’t only a cover band…but I came to their music through some of the covers they’ve posted on YouTube.

I don’t know how you’d get a chance to hear covers done this well…with this much artistry and enthusiasm.

Maybe…if you walked into a bar…and…

Here’s one of their originals…

Larkin Poe “Mississippi”

Larkin Poe.

Look at these sisters go!

Larkin Poe are sisters Megan and Rebecca Lovell.

Man, they have fun playing music together.

I need some new guitar strings.

(I actually have one of those lap steels like she’s playing…bought it at a garage sale when I was 19 for $5.00…but…I don’t know how to play it. I just have it….an old Rickenbacker…)



“Never Been Any Reason” SOR Chicago Red Hots (Head East Cover)

Here’s a cover of Head East’s 1975 song “Never Been Any Reason” by SOR (School of Rock) band Chicago Red Hots.

These “kids” are great.

Real music…no overdubs…live.

I see established “classic rock” acts who can’t perform their own material this well and with this much enthusiasm.

All that music should be about…all the joy and all the fun.

Good stuff….and good choice of material!

Head East! What a great song!