it’s a small world after all

I don’t have many chances to quote American actor Matthew McConaughey…the opportunity just doesn’t present itself very often…but he has a saying that I’m going to repeat here….

I think it came from the first movie I saw him in…Dazed and Confused

The quote was “Just Keep Livin’ “.

This guy is the perfect example of that.

Holy Smokes…what a journey…Thailand to America, soldier to Asian Redneck.

I found this video looking for films about “wilderness living”.  What is a deeper wilderness experience than eating a cobra?  It puts most of our concepts of “roughing it” in a new perspective.

It’s kind of a quieter philosophy than an American movie star’s…he’s probably too busy living to be conscious of “just keep livin’ “….but it runs parallel to it.

Breathe in, breathe out….day in and day out…move, move, move…and you have a life.

Just Keep Livin’.

This fellow is a pretty amazing guy.  The thing that amazes me the most when I think about it a little is that he’s one amazing story in a sea of amazing stories.

We all have some kind of history that’s amazing.

And it’s a movable feast…every day we add to that history…every day brings new opportunities.

Time marches on…I need to remember to join the parade every day.


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