I watched this the other day  on one of the “weird channels” that we get on Dish Network .

We have a really limited channel selection because I found a super cheap package that I think they sometimes offer hoping to entice people to upgrade.

I’m not going to upgrade.

I’m too cheap.

Anyway, in addition to the 20 or so channels we get…plus the local stations…we have a bunch of programming that I never check out down past our last “real” channel.

These channels are down in the 900’s….way down the “dial”.

Unless you were really bored you wouldn’t even know they were there.

This movie was playing on a channel called FSTV…Free Speech TV.

I saw the last part of this movie and loved it.  The version I saw was subtitled in English so it was a little easier to understand…but I’m going to include the only version I could find on YouTube that unfortunately is only in Spanish.

It’s a little harder for us “gringos” to understand…but the movie is mostly visual so it should “translate” OK.

The movie takes place for the most part in an area of Mexico that is called Banco Chinchorro…a large coral reef.

It’s a beautiful movie.

I see a lot of movies.  I really like movies quite a bit.

This is one of the memorable ones I’ve seen.

Here’s a review from Rotten Tomatoes….

Anyway, it’s worth seeking out.

Here’s the Spanish language,non-subtitled version from YouTube….

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