it’s a dollhouse…a starter house…a fixer upper

There are a large number of YouTube videos of abandoned houses that I ran across while looking for “log cabin” videos.

You can find just about anything on YouTube.


This tour reminded me of the first walk through I made when I found our house.  It had been vacant for a long time, then purchased and partially gutted by a young and hopeful couple, then sold to us when they gave up on it.

Actually, our house wasn’t quite as creepy as this one…but almost.

A vacant house can get weird fast.

The deeper into this house she gets the more I realize that our little gutted house was actually kind of “homey”.  This house is pretty rough.

That’s always a weird thing, to walk through an abandoned house.  It’s kind of strange to be able to sit in your dry and comfortable house and watch videos of other people walking through creepy abandoned houses while you drink your morning coffee.

There’s all sorts of houses….mansions, farm houses, bungalows….all sorts of houses.

It’s weird how we just let things go….for whatever reason.

One more video and then I’ll quit…

Here’s a video from up in Detroit…abandoned hotel.


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