action kills worry


I wake up early a lot these days.

I don’t know if it’s genetics…or just getting a little older…or any of the reasons people can’t sleep in the morning…but I seem to wake up early.

The other morning, I was laying in bed thinking about every single thing that I needed to get done, all the changes that were happening in our lives, everything I’d already done and had convinced myself I’d done wrong, all the things I’d never get a chance to even start…much less get done, etc., etc., etc.

It didn’t feel like a really constructive way to spend my time.

So…I’m laying there mulling all this stuff over at 3:45 in the morning….and I came to a conclusion.

Action is a worry killer.

I got up.  I had my orange juice and vitamins. I put some water for the coffee on to boil.  I packed my lunch for the day.  I came back up stairs and sat down at the computer to write my blog. The water got hot and the kettle started to whistle.  I walked creeped back through the darkened living room and then ran down the stairs when I was sure I wasn’t going to step on a piece of Lego…quieted the whistling tea kettle and made my coffee, came back upstairs and sat down to write.

It wasn’t anything that was any different from any other morning.  Maybe a little earlier, but other than that no different.

But my thought that if I just got moving…if I just did something…anything…if I just took, to quote Anthony Robbins, if I just “TOOK ACTION!!”…if I just did that simple thing, I’d forget to worry….that thought was a good and empowering conclusion.

I needed to work on what is…not worry about what could be.

Maybe someone…somewhere…is thinking, “rigghhhttttttt…what’s so profound about that?”.

Well…nothing, really.

I don’t want to be some kind of big bug in a little box, scurrying around, bumping into every corner.

I can’t just move solely for the sake of moving around.  Willy-nilly is second nature to me…but it’s not really beneficial.

I guess there has to be some kind of method behind the mania…it can’t just be movement.

It has to be some relatively constructive action for it to kill the worry.

Otherwise, I’d start worrying about not getting anything done.  I’d worry about why I couldn’t get anything done even if it felt like I was constantly moving.

I’d start worrying about why I worry so much.

That I’m going to worry about stuff is kind of a given.  I ponder things, live inside my head a lot, wonder how the future is going to play out a lot more than I need to.

It seems to be something I’m pretty good at.

I was in sort of a foul mood the last couple of days.

I wasn’t mean, really…I just wasn’t feeling really “positive” about things.  There was a slant to my perspective that seemed to want to take me down.

I started thinking about events and choices and realized that, out of boredom on the mail route, I’d been listening to conservative talk radio for the last couple of days.

Problem solved.

Solution:  Stop listening to all these people talk about everything that’s going wrong and why we can’t trust anyone on the “other side”…and try and get back on the “good foot”.

Listening to someone else’s problems is as damaging as pondering my own.

Napoleon Hill is better for me to listen to than Rush Limbaugh.

Action kills worry.  Right Action builds good lives.

That’s not such a mystery…but where was that thought hiding for a while?



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