banging on it all day long

We went up to Asheville last night to pick our daughter up at school.

This was the middle of one of her PE classes…something about “rhythmic aerobics”.

Kidding…this is the drum circle that goes on in Asheville every Friday night during the summer.

Bunch of freaking hippies.

“Freaking hippies”….what do they call that? A synonym?

Asheville is an interesting place.  I think that it’s gotten a little more self-consciously “interesting” since it’s become more recognized as being a “hip refuge”.

I guess everyone is nostalgic for “what was” 20 years ago.

Everything changes.

The community we live in is pretty rural.  Most of the people here have lived here for a lot of years.

To them, Asheville is where the Devil lives.

It sure is colorful and lively, though.

Anyway….this is the drum circle.  You really can’t imagine how powerful it is to hear all those drums coming together…it’s a pretty loud synchronized noise.

It’s a good thing to be around all that life and enthusiasm.

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