the newest diapers

Some people lust after Ferraris and houses in the south of France.

We have some new diapers at our house.


They came by UPS late yesterday afternoon after waiting for a week for them to come down from Canada.

It’s fun to see how much pleasure Jenny got over seeing these new diapers.

One kind of diaper that we got is called a “Minky”.

It’s a Rolls Royce of diapers.

I mentioned that and I think that Jenny’s response indicated that it was probably more like a really nice Taurus. She told me that a person can spend 60 dollars on a diaper if they wanted to.  That’s a lot to spend on something that you’re going to take a dump in.

I spend a lot less on my clothes for that very reason.

You just never know what life is going to throw at you.

I love that name, though….”Minky Bamboo “.

If I’d known about that name before Sparrow was born she might have been named something different.

It would have been fun to be able to say that “Minky Bamboo” was wearing her very own “Minky Bamboo”.

I guess that God works in mysterious ways…Sparrow suits her a lot more than “Minky Bamboo”….but it’s a great name.

You’ve got to have something to cover and catch with a baby. They don’t housetrain as quickly as a puppy…you can’t just spread out some newspapers.

Why not have something that’s stylish and functional to take care of some of the issues that come out?

A “Minky Bamboo” would be preferable… you could make something out of cloth napkins if you had to…cloth napkins and a bunch of duct tape….but these “Minky Bamboo” diapers are pretty cool.

They make all my clothes look pretty utilitarian.

None of my clothes have a special pocket to hold the absorbent pad. They don’t have anything fancy about them.

What am I “complaining” about? I should be so lucky to not need to get creative with absorbent undergarments.

That’s not part of the morning routine.

I’m sitting at a desk, typing quietly so that I don’t release/awaken the Krakken, and right next to my left hand is a catalog from a company called Filson.

Filson makes beautiful, high-end outdoor clothing….wool and waxed cotton…beautiful stuff that would last generations…stuff you could hand down to your sons.

That’s my “Minky Bamboo”.

But it’s really expensive….like 170.00 for a pair of “oil finish single Tin Pants”…or 485.00 for a “Guide Work Jacket Soy Wax”.


Right now, I’m wearing one of 3 pairs of jeans that I got on sale. If I bought one pair, I got two more pairs for free.

These jeans sort of fit me…and I have 2 more pairs like them that sort of fit me, too.

These jeans are some sort of “off-brand”…they aren’t anything like “Filson”.

But they were cheap….super cheap.

These jeans are no “Minky Bamboo”.

They don’t fit and they aren’t luxurious.


The only Filson item that I ever found in a thrift store was a 60.00 “tin cloth crusher” hat that I found for a dollar.

Isaac liked it…so he wears it now.

Sometimes it’s worth it to only have what you really like in your life.

“Buy less…but buy better.”

Maybe that should be my new motto?

It works better than “Buy more…buy cheaper…keep trying”.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.


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  1. ”Minky Bamboo!” Dick says you could easily be a stand-up comedian!
    He is still laughing about your 1990s radio program about”model scent!”
    Please send us some ideas from your book/music wishlist soon, your birthday is approaching fast!