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worn out shoes_001Jenny took Nate to the doctor yesterday.

She’d taken him to the “doctor” doctor last week for a checkup….but they apparently didn’t have time to check his ears after making her wait for 1 1/2 hours… she took him to the doctor at the CVS clinic this time.

We’d never gone to the CVS clinic before…so we didn’t know what to expect.

It was a young doctor…fresh out of Yale Medical School…wearing, what Jenny described as being, “the nicest shoes I’ve ever seen anyone wear”.

A young doctor, fresh out of Yale Medical School….working at the CVS clinic.

That’s not what they show you on the medical dramas…high powered doctors running around the clinic, helping people find the aisle with the root beer barrel candy in between patients.

But you know…that was one of the most satisfying doctor’s visits Jenny has had with Nate.

At the pediatrician’s office, she makes appointments that take 2 hours because they never honor the appointment time.

When you have a new baby along for the ride when you make an appointment for your 4-year-old with a bad ear infection, 2 hours is too long to wait.

When the doctor finally does come in, he or she is usually so far behind that they make you feel like they’re playing catch-up…and you don’t get the “service” you probably deserve.

This guy was different.

Maybe it was that he was so young and fresh out of Medical School.

Jenny said, “Do you ever see that show ‘The Doctors’? Remember that young male doctor on that show? That’s what this guy looked like…”

“Oh…the good looking one…I remember….”

So…it was a young doctor fresh out of Yale Medical School….a good looking young doctor fresh out of Yale Medical School…who was working at the CVS clinic…and doing a really good job.

No wonder it was a pleasant experience.

I don’t know what we expected when she said she was taking Nate to the clinic….maybe some retired Nurse Practitioner in bad Costco shoes.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Costco shoes. I looked at them and thought, “Man…19.98 for a pair of shoes!!! I’m getting some of those next time I need shoes!! That’s so cheap!!!”

But this guy had some really expensive nice shoes…and he was working at the CVS.

I guess that there must be a glut of doctors…or maybe I should stop making judgements about what it means to be working at a CVS.

It’s not a bad thing to be working at a CVS…it’s just that I’d suspect that a dude like that might be working in some kind of big fancy practice somewhere…seeing patients in a beautiful¬†office…raking in the big bucks, living the life of Reilly.

I guess it must go to show you that maybe all my “man grooming” might not be worth the time after all….

(That’s a joke….sometimes I feel like the dog who’s a little too proud of himself for rolling in the roadkill…scruffy to the max. ¬†I’m not really into much of the metro sexual lifestyle…I don’t do a lot of grooming or preening. I’d be the one with the worn out Costco shoes…)

Nate got his ears checked out, got some amoxicillin…and feels a lot better already.

That guy at the CVS really was a well dressed, highly educated….ANGEL!!

Hooray for CVS!!! Hooray for a glut of doctors in a pretty mountain town!!

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