The only other Norwegian that Jenny apparently knew before me was this angry guy out in Colorado who took all his family’s money….plus some mysterious secret stash of cash that he’d squirreled away somehow….and left for Alaska, leaving them all behind.

That’s her precedent with Norwegians.

I think that sometimes she thinks that I have the “angry” part down pat…..but I’m not going anywhere….so I must be a different sort of Norwegian.

Anyway….that’s kind of irrelevant information…except to point out that maybe there’s a reason for her to worry when I look at videos like this…and I ponder how cool it would be to be able to move my house whenever I wanted to.

It would be cool to wake up to a different sunrise every now and then….even if the sunrise I wake up to now is pretty nice.

That would be good.

Of course, when Alex Honnold demonstrates that there’s barely room for one in the back of his “move mobile”, he’s making the idea of cruising around in a van and sleeping in exotic natural locales kind of a hard sell.

It wouldn’t go over very well to get to where I’m going, turn to my family, and say, “OK….now where are you guys going to sleep?” as I tucked myself in to my luxurious pad in the back.

That wouldn’t go over at all.

Maybe I need a school bus?

Something big with bunks and giant banks of batteries to run all the gizmos we’d drag along?

A facilitation vehicle….something that would handle life on the road with a family of….6? 5? One’s away at college….soon to be two away….the other ones are little still.

The big kids do like fun….maybe they’d want to drop out and live it out on the highway, too?


How big should this ark be?

I don’t have this figured out yet.

I’ll have to call Alaska and cancel the reservation….I’m not ready yet.

Look up “Alex Honnold” on YouTube….he’s a great climber.

And he has a nice van.


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