move to live

What the heck.


Here’s another video about people converting something….in this case a schoolbus…. into a home to live in.

I’m obsessed with that…..and when I think about it, I have been for a long time.

There are so many options in this world and this life….

You can go the route of the “completely put together” home….new everything…fresh paint….no oil marks on the new concrete drive…or….

you can get something kind of different….like an old schoolbus….and spend some time and a little money to make something that’s not so traditional….but livable and paid for.

I think that “paid for” is the key.

I don’t like debt.

This isn’t for most….or even for everyone.

But for the few with the creative option to do something like this….it’s a pretty cool alternative.

Here’s another video of a person who made a home out of some old shipping containers.

I’m not sure that shipping containers make good homes, but it’s kind of an interesting option.

Both of these videos….and many of the videos that I’ve used on this blog…are by Kirsten Dirksen. She makes excellent videos of alternative building methods. Check out more of her videosĀ at

Most of her videos are on YouTube, also.

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