these french dudes with hammers

Here’s another in a long line….a deep pool….a big pile….a…..bunch of videos that I’ve watched about people building something cool to live in and around.

This time, it’s a bunch of French dudes with hammers and saws, a good amount of imagination, and a lot of hard work who’ve crafted a neat place for themselves.

If you don’t end up leaving some good idea “inside your head”….and you’re a hard worker with some skill….you can craft a place that’s more special than something that someone else built by rote…..(“rote”….how do you spell “rote”? I’ve done it a million times….thought I could do it in my sleep….but I can’t remember exactly how to spell “rote”.)

All this stuff is “doable”. (How do you spell “doable”? “do-able”? I’m not sure I can do it correctly….maybe I should pick something that I already know how to do….already…..)

“I can’t do my house without the others” …..that’s a nice quote from our guide on this tour of funky homes.

This is another Kirsten Dirksen video.

Check her videos out….they’re all good.

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