I’m hungry.

We watched two movies yesterday.

The kids had their wisdom teeth out on Friday…so this weekend has been one for rest and recuperation.

It’s kind of nice when I can “piggyback” in on the “rest” stuff. I can rest along with everyone else and get away with being kind of lazy….for the sake of solidarity.

That works for me.

So it was a quiet day….with two movies to enjoy.


We ended up renting “Guardians of the Galaxy” (excellent) and this movie….”The 100 Foot Journey”.

They were pretty different choices.

I really liked “Guardians…” ….but I loved “The 100 Foot Journey”.

What a sensual movie.

Indian immigrants open a restaurant across the street from an established and popular French restaurant….and the resulting competition creates issues between the owner of the French restaurant and the Indian family.

The characters in this movie love food.

They love preparing it.

They love serving it.

Shopping for ingredients…..foraging for wild ingredients…..cooking the ingredients…..it was all so….and the word comes around again because my head is fuzzy and the caffeine hasn’t really kicked in yet and my vocabulary is limited and….awwwww….the word…..sensual.

So sensual.


Full of love.

Maybe that’s what I liked so much about this movie….it was so full of love.

This is one to watch a couple of times….at least.

Good food….good movies….good company.

What a pleasure.

Lasse Hallstrom….who directed “My Life as a Dog” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” was the director for this movie.

Thankyou, Mr. Hallstrom.

100 foot

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