I get a lot of spam.

Email spam.

I get spammed in my emails…..spammed heavy….spammed hard.

I don’t know why.

I’ve never figured it out.

I’ll write them back….ask them not to contact me again….even send my name and address and bank information like they ask for in the hopes that it will appease them and they won’t bother me anymore….but they keep writing….and I keep asking them not to.

Spam is a pain.

The other day, I got a message with this heading…..”I CONTACTED YOU AFTER A SERIOUS THOUGHT”.

That was one message that deserved an answer!

“After a serious thought….”.

I don’t get many messages from people I know that have that much import behind them….but here was a complete stranger….in a foreign country…who was willing to reach out to me after experiencing a “serious thought” that concerned me.

That’s really kind of beautiful, if you think about it.

Someone who lives in a different culture…possibly of a different “race”, even (!)…..who is willing to contact me and help me achieve….something.

Here’s a snippet of the email….

Dear Friend.

After serious thoughts, my decision to contact you personally became
urgent, since I have no grudge against you, other than your Nigerian
partners. I happen to be the Deputy Governor of Central Bank of
Nigeria(CBN) in charge of Operations.

The line that sucked me in was, “….since I have no grudge against you, other than your Nigerian partners.”

I KNEW THAT NIGERIAN THING MIGHT COME BACK TO BITE ME IN THE A**….but this guy was willing to forgive even that!

He held no grudge.

Like I said before….I get a lot of spam.

Most of the messages seem like total scams….but there was something so benevolent about this one that I couldn’t help but respond….

Here’s some more of his message to me….I think you’ll see the honesty and humility that I saw after you read this….

Sometime ago, your partners approached me through a contact who works with
one of the ministries here with a request to assist them conclude a
transfer deal which required programming a transfer on your behalf.

What I gathered, is they wanted to use my position and office to
strategically transfer a sum; which has been supposedly dormant in the CBN
suspense account for quite a while. Our agreement was that I make this
happen and be rewarded with one hundred thousand initial advance payment
and another one hundred thousand when I finally release to your nominated
account. Having successfully programmed the transfer as agreed and your
name approved amongst the list of contractors/recipients/beneficiaries to
be paid for that period, the story changed and instead of standing by our
agreed arrangements, they employed an avoidance tactic and then resorted
to threats. Well, that prompted my decision to immediately delete the
transfer code, but released other payments as listed, excluding yours.

This resulted to several threatening calls which did not scare me though
and then they started making frantic efforts to bribing other officials to
get another approval to the transfer to you, but without success. I
however take 100 percent responsibility for the delay and obstructions,
because of their breach of agreement and trust. If you have doubts as to
this privileged information, then consider what has transpired through the
entire course of your claim process, they continue to ask you to pay one
charge or the other and at the end no results and they continue to tell
you to send another fee with yet no results. In very simple words, I can
only say that they are just wicked. Now if you want us to work
together,these are my conditions:

And….he goes on to tell me how I can get the money…and how he’ll only charge me 20% for helping me.


It’s pretty amazing that something like this can happen “out of the blue”.

Finally….a sincere spammer from Nigeria.

I waited so long.

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