guitar!! all this guitar in the big, big world

What’s that line in the old “the Band” song “Up on Cripple Creek”? The one where Levon sings something like, “I can’t take the way he sings, but I love to hear him talk”?

This guy is kind of like that….the jury is still out on what I think about his singing….but it’s fun to hear him play the guitar.

Man…there are a lot of talented people in the world. It’s pretty amazing how talented some of these folks are.

I was looking up the phrase “forest home”…trying to find more cabins in the woods….living vicariously…when I came across this guy, Wise Cub.

He’s pretty darn good.

Here’s another one by him….

So many people that I wouldn’t know about if it weren’t for random YouTube discoveries.

Pretty cool.

(A quick post script….this guy’s voice is pretty good, too. OK…I approve. The jury passes judgement and….I approve.)

The band is called “Forebear”….formerly “Wise Cub”….the guitarist and singer is named Scott Goldbaum.


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