The thing that messes me up…

The thing that messes me up with videos like this is that, when you find out what was spent, (and it could be a “Bob Vila” type situation where the cost is exaggerated in a favorable way….and things are said to be less expensive than they actually are)….anyway…when you find out that the land in Hawaii (island paradise? maybe….) was 8,000 dollars….and the home was built (without permits) for 11,000 dollars….well, it makes the remodeling that we plan on doing look like it should be a lot cheaper than it turns out being.

Of course, we can watch programs that show people remodeling their kitchens for 100’s of thousands of dollars.

That’s kind of goofy…but if you buy crazy, fancy fixtures and use expensive contractors…..and don’t worry about spending the money, I guess that you could figure out a way to get rid of your money fast.

I guess that there is always a way to get rid of your money fast if you work at it.

That’s the thing that works for me…..a video like this helps me think that anything is possible….and that I might be able to afford it….before I actually get into the project and figure out that, hey, this is going to be more expensive than I thought.

Or….and this turns out to be true more often than not….a little bit of money spent to make our lives nicer really is money well spent. You can do a lot with a little….small tweaks can really get a place livable….or better, enjoyable…. cheaply.

But, usually….Ignorance is complete and total BLISS….until the bills come rolling in and I GET SCHOOLED!!

What’s to worry, anyway?

I don’t ever get anything good done if I’m always worried about the cost.

Spend some money!! Live!!


That’s the whole deal….just keep living.

Just keep on living….tiny house or big house…island paradise or mountain cabin….on land or on sea….just stay¬†alive.

Keep breathing….and while you’re doing that….stay alive.




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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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