The Scenery’s Always Changing….

I got a copy of Lloyd Kahn’s latest book , Tiny Homes on the Move, for Christmas.

tiny homes on the move

It’s a collection of pictures and profiles of people who live in vans and buses….gypsy wagons….boats….


That’s something I’ve never done.

I don’t live on a boat.

I have a feeling that it takes some money to get set up with a boat….but once you’ve got the vessel, it’s not so bad to try to afford sailing around.

This is another great book by Lloyd Kahn….one that inspires me to get out and have some adventures….or maybe just sit on the couch and watch a movie about someone else having an adventure.

Sitting on the couch isn’t very adventurous.

I sit on the couch too much.

But…I digress.

This isn’t about me sitting on the couch….it’s about another book that makes me think about alternatives.

Here’s a video about sailing….this was one of the people who was featured in Lloyd’s book.

It’s another video by Kirsten Dirksen, too….check her out on YouTube….she’s done a lot of great videos.

One thing that just hit me….and I digress again….is that “voluntary simplicity” is a lot more attractive if you’ve come from a place where it’s your choice to “volunteer”.

It’s a better way….to live simply….but if you’ve grown up without, then “without” might be a lot less appealing option to pursue.

Of course….I never grew up without….so what do I know?

If you make good choices, maybe you can afford this life?

Give up what’s extraneous….and put it all into the dream?

For now, I’ll just buy another book by Lloyd Kahn….with a bunch of pictures of people doing interesting things and living in unusual circumstances….and think about all the things my family and I could be doing.

Or….I could take a look around and just “get satisfied”….live every moment aware of the blessings all around me.

That might be a good thing to do….irregardless of whether I ever get to go out onto the ocean….or not.

You can buy Lloyd’s book directly from him at Shelter Publications …..or, of course, from  ….and, before I completely forget to support all the local bookstores in the world….all the hip and friendly and knowledgeable and creative local bookstores….you can buy it from your local bookstore. That would be cool, too….



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