Little House in the Woods

“Hey! This one’s in Asheville!” I thought.

I’m always interested in the local talent….it’s always good to see something pop up in my general neck of the woods.

It’s a cabin….but it’s small enough to be called a “tiny┬áhouse”….so it gets a different kind of attention than some dude building a cabin on an inaccessible (by vehicle) lot would get.

That’s goofy.

When I first moved up to NC, I lived on the north side of a mountain in a great house that some friends had built in the middle of 50 acres.

It was on a steep piece of land, too….and, because it was on the north side and didn’t get a lot of intense winter sun, the driveway stayed icy most of the winter.

Because the driveway stayed snowed in and icy, it was very awkward to make it up the 800 ft road with my two-wheel drive truck for much of the winter.

Carrying all your groceries up a steep, icy driveway most of the winter loses its “romance” a couple of months into the experience.

So, now that I’m getting older and maybe a little smarter….maybe….the appeal of a place that I have to carry all my building materials to gets kind of limited.

A “once in a while” cabin….maybe.

My house….the one that I live in all the time, the one that I carry sleeping babies into after I pick them up out of their car seats in the minivan, the one that I carry a gallon of milk into?….nah.

Nah. I don’t think that sounds too interesting.

We looked at some goofy “houses” when we were first married.

They were built by people who didn’t have any money…..built in weird places because the land was cheap….and the selling price was low because they were weird little houses.

One that we looked at had about a mile walk on the railroad tracks to get to.

It was a little shack.

I don’t think that it was cool enough to be called a “tiny house”, though….and it was a while ago, so even if I’d “made the grade” (square footage wise), I don’t think it could have ever been in the “tiny house” category.

It would have been in the “little shack” category.

This is a nice little house, built from plans purchased from Jay Schafer….of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses.

It’s a beautiful little “tiny house” in the woods.

Much nicer….and cooler…and trendier…..than the “little shack” monstrosity that two dreamers found across the river and a mile walk in on the railroad tracks so many years ago.

I’m glad that we didn’t buy that house.

That would have been so crazy.

I like access.

I like room for a bunk bed that I can lay my sleeping child into.

I like a room to sit in ( and watch television! ) and not wake the kids up.

What did those bears say?

I like a house that’s “just right”.

Here’s a link to the homeowner’s blog….


“Come On Up To The House” Willie Nelson

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