another year


OK….here’s the plan.

I’ll get up early….by about an hour….earlier than usual…”4″ instead of “5”….get a little bit of a jump start on the day…..and then when the ball drops later tonight….when the year is tripping over into tomorrow….I’ll be alert and will have all my ducks in a row and I’ll be able to ring in the New Year right (!!).

How’s that for a plan?

I know it’s not going to work like that….no matter how much coffee I drink this morning, I think that I’m going to fall asleep on the couch if I don’t struggle today to STAY ALERT!!

Maybe that’s a good and reachable resolution?! To “STAY ALERT” in the coming year?

I listened to this song for the first time in about 30 years this morning.

I hadn’t heard it for a long time.

“another year” Leo Sayer

Let’s see….he’s singing about ’76….so I guess that album came out in 1975? Let’s see….


I”m right! The album came out in 1975!!

Let’s see (again)….I never bought albums “new”….or rarely….so I probably was 16….maybe 17 when I was listening to this.

Sitting on my bed with headphones on….listening to Leo Sayer.

That was a while ago.

Hmmmmmm… did that happen?

I guess that sometimes music is my marker….music and cars that I’ve owned….now, it’s children who¬†are making good markers for the passing time.

What the heck? I have a good repertoire of “markers” for the passing time. Time is passing and I’m gathering all these “markers”….and there’s a whole lot more than the ones I’m listing here….

But to think of me sitting on my bed, listening to all this melodramatic stuff….what was I thinking?

Life’s too short to let something like someone else’s melodrama get me stirred up.

Anyway….you can’t move forward looking back….unless you have some of those glasses that let you see behind you….the ones with the little mirror on the side.

The ones that you wear when you’re trying to be safe and zipping around on your bicycle.

I never see any bicyclists riding backwards, though.

Most of the time, they must be using the mirror to see what’s trying to catch them.

Maybe that’s the key? Only look back when something’s trying to catch you?

The only thing chasing me is the ticking clock….and who needs to see that?

I’m going to keep my eyes open this year.

Beyond that, I really don’t have any resolutions.

Maybe just “Stay Awake”….and to take care of my family.

Here’s another song from that album that I used to listen to in my room…..

“i will not stop fighting” Leo Sayer

The happiest of New Years to you.




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