Carla’s daughter don’t hype it up.

There’s a big difference between theory and execution.

This is a nice video by Carla Emery’s daughter.

Carla is the author of this book….an encyclopedia of country living, called, fittingly, “Carla Emery’s Encyclopedia of Country Living“.

We’ve had a copy of the book for years….Jenny even had a chance to meet Carla¬†up in Weaverville before Carla passed away a number of years ago.

It’s funny the range of situations that people can describe with current catch phrases.

Living “off grid” or “in a tiny house” can cover a lot of ground.

You can live in a box out in the woods and satisfy both those descriptions pretty easily.

I doubt that anyone would envy your situation….but it looks good on paper….to be able to say, “I live in a tiny house….off-grid” sounds kind of cool.

I guess that people can talk a good game….especially with something trendy like this “tiny home” movement….or off-grid living.

I have a feeling that Esther Emery is pretty down to earth….and full of common sense and wisdom….like her mother.

It’s interesting to see people doing things without hyping them up a lot.

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