“I’m not afraid. Anyway, what are my options?”

What an interesting show.

There’s a bunch of them on YouTube….so if you like this one, you can watch some more.

It looks like he’s been to a lot of rugged places.

We watched a different show last night….one about a retired military man looking for an off-grid cabin in Alaska….one that was far out and affordable….isolated.

His real estate agent kept showing him properties that were affordable….but too close in….and he kept passing on them.

But, when she showed him a property that was way out in the country….with no highway or neighbors around, he hedged on his decision a little.

He was worried a little about getting supplies….or what would happen to him if he got hurt.

In the end, he chose the really isolated place.

It cost him 800 dollars every time he flew in to his remote cabin, so his concerns about the added cost of living out there were probably justified.

It was hard to get supplies.

It was pretty far out in the wilderness….but it was cheap to rent.

I wonder how much his choice was influenced by having limited options (on the show)?

(Oh, man!! Check out the Costco milk in this video!! How far out are you if you can get to a Costco? Where’d that Costco milk come from?)

Sorry….I digress.

Anyway……it was funny to watch the decision making process.

If you’re willing to pony up $500.00 per month, you can rent a place without running water or electricity out in the Alaskan bush….or within earshot of a seasonal highway.

“Off-grid”….”tiny home”….all these new catch phrases.

It’s kind of funny, really.

When they get to be common enough that we all understand what they mean, it’s kind of goofy.

“Goofy” because, like most things, I guess, you can understand the definition of something without having any idea what the reality of the situation really means.

I guess that’s like most things….no, I know that’s just like most things.

Most of the things that I’ve done in my life have been entered into with a complete lack of understanding.

I’ve had some “adventures” because of my ignorance.

When I hear somebody with limited experience say, “I want to be isolated…..and self-sufficient.”….it really makes me hope that things work out for them. That’s a hard thing to work up to……”self sufficiency”, that is.

Good luck with that.

This series with Ben Fogle looks like it would be pretty interesting.

I’ll have to check out other episodes.

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