hallelujah!! it’s the bass!!

OK….here’s the deal: looking up “Asheville musicians”, I came upon this video.

This lady isn’t from Asheville.

This video is from a live performance that took place in Asheville, NC back in 2014 at the Asheville Music Hall.

She’s from New York…..via Norway….or….is it the other way around? She was born in Norway….but lives in New York now.

Hildegunn Gjedrum is her name.

Her bassist’s name is Michael League.

I need to start playing my bass again.

His playing is pretty darn inspiring.

That’s the thing about the internet…..you can find a performance by somebody great when you’re looking for something completely different.

I’ve heard so many different versions of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”….I guess that Jeff Buckley’s version is still the “gold standard” for me….but this one might come in a close second.

And….that BASS!!

Good stuff.

Check out this YouTube channel, too….lots of good stuff….. ¬†https://www.youtube.com/user/Barry2theB

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