Mo’ Bass!!! Mo’ Bass!! (and….the other guys in the band are pretty great, too)

Here’s the bassist from yesterday’s video, Michael League, and his band, Snarky Puppy, from Brooklyn, NY.

This video is from a performance at the Asheville Music Hall….from 2013.

The video is from the same YouTube channel I mentioned yesterday….Barry2theB !!

What a great collection of films!

I don’t know if you can call them films anymore…..maybe you have to call them SD Card archives?….digital snapshots?….cloud ….something?

“Film” sounds so much more substantial, though.

These are nice films.

You might be able to see these guys for under 20 dollars.

It costs, like, 200 dollars to see Madonna….maybe a million….I haven’t checked lately.

I’d rather see Snarky Puppy than Madonna any day.

I take back what I said about being nostalgic for digging through pawn shop bins for vinyl being the best way to discover music…..YouTube is pretty amazing.

Snarky Puppy! Michael League! BASS!!

I need to get my bass out again….this looks pretty fun.


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