See the World…episode 8

If Iohan can pedal around the world, why can’t I get a blog post up before the day is over?

Seems kind of hard to figure out somehow.

Here, our intrepid traveller is down in South America still….pedaling and seeing new sights…..recording it all for our benefit as he goes along.

(Remember the carousels of slides that we used to endure, “slide shows” of action packed holidays, static re-creation of our more active recreations? That was a while ago. I guess that some of us had 8 and 16mm movies, but the days of the GoPro were far in the future. I’m glad that we can make movies like this these days….it’s more interesting than watching a slide show.)

I am nearing the end of a 7 day vacation….and, other than relaxing and hanging out with my family, I don’t know what I used the time for.

“Relaxing….and hanging out with my family”…..that should be enough.

All this pedaling looks pretty amazing.

All these movies make me feel like Andy Griffith….looking at National Geographic with Floyd in the barber shop, dreaming of a bigger world outside of Mayberry.

I have enough on my plate right here….but it sure is fun to travel.

I would love to get back out on the road again.




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