lift it up, bring it back

Whether it’s a car….or a town…I love it when things come back and are usable again.

This is another great Kirsten Dirksen video about a town in Mississippi called Water Valley.

I’ve seen a lot of Southern towns like this.

I mean on the “dying side”.

I like it when they come back and have some life again.

The first time Jenny and I went through downtown Greenville, SC some of the areas we drove through felt like this.

They aren’t like this now.

In fact, one of the most depressed areas and the one that had the most dead storefronts that we saw in Greenville was on Main St., and if you walked down Main St. now, you wouldn’t believe that it was ever like that.

It’s pretty vibrant now.

Good planning and a strong belief in what the city was going to be is what made it what it is now.

Small towns are pretty great.

It would be a drag, though, if you were the only one who ever had any faith in a dead or dying downtown somewhere.

A diamond in a pile of manure doesn’t look too good.

Thinking about how a diamond  shines can be pretty inspiring, though.

They do shine, don’t they?

(To put this into clearer focus: Water Valley was a dying town that’s located 20 miles or so from the University of Mississippi and the town of Oxford. What about that didn’t scream “SAVE ME”? Good for these guys! Make it good again!)


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